我們的口號是「工作要有趣,就來工作趣」,所以我們的想法是為辦公室的每個人提供舒適和有趣的工作環境,在這邊可以很享受在幾乎任何地方都能工作的靈活性, 比如我們可以在辦公室工作,或者在沙發上工作。 





We really enjoy and appreciate how easy it is to commute to work every morning by simply taking public transportation since our office is located so close to the Taipei Nanjing Fuxing station. It is never a distraught to start work each day since our office provides one of a kind experience from our architecture to interior designing. 

Our slogan is “Work Should Be Fun to Have Fun at Work”, therefore each thought is put into providing a comfortable and fun working environment for everyone in the office. We really enjoy the flexibility in being able to work just almost anywhere. For instance, we can work in our office space or sit on the sofa to finish up some work. 

Aside from the working space flexibility, our office space provides white board to jot down ideas while also adding a touch of creativity to the office. Most importantly, the view from office windows overlooks the city. It doesn't matter if it is raining or sunshine, the views definitely help start a new day. 

If you have a chance, we hope you can come to WorkFun to experience it for yourself!



除了這些飲料之外,我們每週提供 2 次來自韓國、日本、美國及台灣的免費零食供大家享用,希望大家在努力工作時,也不要忘記偶爾休息充電一下。


What we love about our office is the complimentary variety of teas and Starbucks fresh brewed coffee. Another cool thing about our office is that we offer free snacks from Korea, Japan, America and Taiwan 2 times a week. These foods and beverages can help you recharge in between your busy work week.

藍鵲酒吧是我們辦公室的公共空間, 這個區域裡感覺就像走進了英國牛津的街道,那裡有紅磚牆和黑色歐式椅子,這個空間的氣氛非常酷,因為這裏除了會有很chill的音樂,還可以從浴缸看見小丑魚在裏面悠遊。

藍鵲酒吧也可作為會議、DIY 派對、舞蹈班及品酒會等活動的場所,品酒會精選 Viña Errázuriz Wine以及優質義大利葡萄酒,如 SENSI 18K Pure Gold Prosecco Brut DOC,這些公司聚會和活動可以有助於加強員工之間的聯繫,並培養員工的團隊凝聚力。

藍鵲酒吧最重要的好處在於出租 WorkFun 辦公室的公司可以在藍鵲酒吧的貨架上宣傳自己的產品,從而吸引其他使用這個酒吧作為場地的公司及活動的注意。


We love the Blue Magpie Bar area of our office because it feels like you've stepped onto the streets of Oxford, England, with its red brick walls and black European stylized chairs. The atmosphere in this room is very chill with coffee shop music playing as well as seeing clownfish swim around in the tank.

The Blue Magpie Bar is also offered as a venue for events such as conferences, DIY parties, dancing classes and wine tastings featuring selections from Viña Errázuriz Estate wine as well as high quality Italian wine such as SENSI 18K Pure Gold Prosecco Brut DOC. These company gatherings and events can help strengthen bonds among employees and cultivate team unity among employees.

The most important benefit of the Blue Magpie Bar is that companies that rent out WorkFun office spaces can advertise their products on the shelves of the Blue Magpie Bar, thereby attracting the attention of other companies that use the bar as a venue.